I’ve partnered with my friend and colleague Cyndera Quakenbush to publish a new series of podcasts on archetypes.  We are exploring the archetypes of the first 22 cards Tarot  (also called the Major Arcana) as both individual patterns and as stages of a journey.

Search for ‘Archetypal Tarot’  in your  iTunes Store or visit our Podcast site http://archetypaltarot.podbean.com/ to subscribe using the links on the lower right.  Each podcast is between 25 and 35 minutes long and is packed with insights, examples of the archetypes in modern life.

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If you’ve ever thought of the Tarot as just a card game used for fortune telling, you’ll be surprised at the insights found in these ancient images.  We go beyond superstition and look a the Tarot as universal stories, stages and characters we see in our lives every day.

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